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The International Water Grid

The International Water Grid (IWG) is a forward-thinking project that offers an immediate solution to global warming, whilst providing a sustainable and profitable transition for the oil and gas industry. Our patented Low Air Pressure (LAP) Flow technology comprises a floating low-energy pumping system that utilizes under-ocean plastic pipes and bladders to transport excess river water to desert regions of the world for agriculture and forestry. This scalable solution will primarily consist of plastic material, allowing the O&G industry to shift production from fuel-based commodities to inert plastics. Phase 1 of the proposed IWG project will link Malaysian rivers with the Arabian Peninsula under the Indian Ocean.

Impact of Phase 1

square kilometers
of desert greened
million tons
of CO2 absorbed per year
million tons
of O2 created per year
billion dollars
of economic opportunity

How it works


The IWG solution addresses Global Warming by systematically diverting oil from fuel (currently 87%) to plastics (currently 4%) and in the process green the deserts offering a 2-prong solution of less CO2 emissions and more Oxygen through photosynthesis thereby cooling the planet. In turn, the revival of arid regions to cooler, more hospitable agricultural areas will spur investment, development and create liveable environments reducing the worldwide forced migration of people.


The IWG project aims to utilize just 3% of each river water source providing many developing countries with a new income source and a renewed reason to look after their rainforest and invest in better water management systems, which will inherently result in cleaner river water flowing into our oceans. The overall impact will be far-reaching, allowing desert agriculture to utilise drip technology direct to plant roots to accelerate growth.


The complex under-ocean grid constructed primarily of plastic pipes and bladders will link the rivers of the World to desert coastlines from where land distribution pipes and storage reservoirs will provide a stable source of water for planned agriculture and forestry. Water will be efficiently pumped through the grid using LAP-Flo Technology powered by solar and other green energy sources.


Sri Rajah


As a Civil and Structural Engineer (Sheffield, UK), Sri Rajah brings 27 years of relevant experience to this project. Over the last decade, he has co-founded and managed the STREAM Group, a tech company that specializes in the field of automated underground waste management. Rajah has previously patented several underground pipe system technologies and led large-scale industrial and commercial projects in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, U.A.E., Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Syed Tamim Mohamed


A veteran professional who has served at the highest echelons of the Public Sector including the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office. After many years of service, Syed Tamim moved into the private sector, leading organizations involved in Oil & Gas, Healthcare and was the CEO of the largest Oil Palm Plantation Group in both upstream and downstream operations on local and international level.

Peter Jones


This Chartered Professional Engineer brings over 30 years of Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) experience in the heavy industry market as a Manager of FEED Studies & Execution Strategies for major water and transport infrastructure projects in Australia and the Middle East. He brings his expert skill set of large-scale project management, cost engineering and design management to the IWG project.

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Tony Chan


Tony Chan brings more than 23 years’ experience in Low Carbon City Planning and sustainability consulting in Australia, China and South East Asia. As Arup’s Cities & Planning Leader for South East Asia, Tony’s expertise lies in integrating urban planning with infrastructure and associated strategies in Energy, Water, Transportation, Waste, Environmental and Social to address sustainability and natural resource consumption.

Jassy Few

Chief Business Officer

As a Qualified Accountant, Jassy Few brings over 25 years of financial experience in the UK Healthcare sector with an emphasis in Financial Management, Contracting, Costing and Cost Efficiencies. Thanks to a passion for the environment, Jassy is also a keen advocate for the climate, and uses her financial expertise and entrepreneurship to help push for a solution to this urgent global issue.

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