The Engine for Change


It is time to bring the World together in the biggest endeavour ever conceived.

A project so hugely ambitious and urgent that it will require the concerted efforts and collective will of All Our global citizens to fulfil.

We will need to employ a shared sense of urgency and a common vision, to assure the survival and success of this mission to save Our way of life on this planet.

We do not accept the thinking that this is an impossible task. That is a dangerous defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that Our mission will fail, that mankind is doomed and that We are gripped by forces We cannot control.

Our problems are largely manmade, and therefore can be solved by man, and man can be as big and ingenious as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.

We need to be able to look back and say ‘That was Our problem and We solved it’.

Man’s reason and bold spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable and We believe We can do it again.  The energy, faith and devotion that We bring to this endeavour will light Our World and All who share it.

If We are to do this, then We must do it RIGHT, do it NOW and We must do it TOGETHER.

Inspired by the words of President John F. Kennedy, on Peace, 1963

The International Water Grid Project

Look at Earth from Space and you’ll see areas of arid yellow-brown desert and areas of lush green forests.

    1.  About 8,000 years ago those same deserts were green areas with freshwater lakes
    2.  Climate changes resulted in rainfall pattern changes
    3.  The deserts, starved of water, were unable to support normal plant life
    4.  The deserts are expanding in our lifetime, exacerbated by Climate Change

If the Earth was a heart, and you were a doctor, your objective would be to restore life to these deserts. You would:

    1. Perform by-pass surgery
    2. Move water from where it is abundant to these arid areas
    3. Use new water arteries to bring back life to these arid areas. 

The International Water Grid (IWG) is a forward-thinking project that offers an immediate solution to global warming, whilst providing a sustainable and profitable transition for the Oil and Coal industry partners. Our patented Low Air Pressure (LAP) Flow technology comprises a floating low-energy pumping system that utilizes under-ocean plastic pipes and bladders to transport excess river water to desert regions of the world for agriculture and forestry. This scalable solution will primarily consist of plastic material, allowing the Oil and Coal industry to shift production from fuel-based commodities to inert plastics.

This ambitious Earth Changing project seeks to:

    • Harvest up to 5% of river flows and the melt-water from glaciers into the oceans
    • Move this water by a network of under-ocean pipes
    • Green 2,000,000 km² of desert on 5 continents

And in the process:

    • Reduce atmospheric levels back to 300 ppm in a few decades
    • Arrest sea level rise
    • Engage Sustainable Oil & Coal (SO&C)with a new market opportunity to move forward, with less emissions, supporting the Climate Agenda
    • Create a politically independent, well-funded guardian, The Resilient Foundation (TRF), tasked with looking after the welfare of all forms of Life on Earth

Our Progress

Since the formation in 2013, the International Water Grid (IWG) Team, driven by a passion to repair Planet Earth, has looked into all aspects of that goal, including creating a resilient plan to stand the test of time for both guardianship of the Project and conservation of all Earth Entities.

The challenges have been formidable, meetings with Governments on issues of land on long leases and water concessions lasting a century. The guiding principle of ensuring the project maintains its Environment First ideology from securing water sources, selecting materials, building the pipelines, energy for moving the water, re-foresting the deserts to sustainable development has been maintained by the Team throughout the planning process.

The critical analysis for resilience, not just sustainability, in the goal of saving our planet makes this challenge an infinite game and forced the Team to discard conventional finite business thinking. Thus, the idea was formed, of a Resilient Foundation as the cornerstone for the Project. A Foundation above politics represented by the people most concerned and/or affected by the deteriorating Climate and the destruction of the Natural Habitat and the biodiversity so necessary for co-existence of all living beings. A Foundation that brings together a sustainable Oil & Coal industry that will work together to achieve, and exceed, our Climate Agenda 2050.

The project has been delayed by the Covid-19 Pandemic and is now set to move again in 2021 with the Oman Water Hub as the first of its kind in the World.


The International Water Grid (IWG) is a forward-thinking project that offers an immediate solution to global warming, whilst providing a sustainable and profitable transition for the oil and coal industries.

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