Climate Change

Reducing CO2

We must be ambitious on CO2 reduction to restore it back to pre-1950 levels if we are to prevent a major catastrophe. We need to understand:
  1. That for every 1 ton of fossil energy we DO NOT combust we PREVENT 3 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.
  2. That we REMOVE 2.5 tons of CO2 by GROWING 1.7 tons (dry weight) of new green plants and transform 1 ton of water.
We must do both the above on an ambitious scale to achieve our Climate goals.

We must also grow trees on an unprecedented level with the aid of new technologies to sequester the atmospheric CO2.

IF we can reduce annual use of fossil energy products by 50% over 20 years through mutualism with Oil and Coal AND we reforest 2,000,000 km2 of deserts, we can get back to the current CO2 level of 410 ppm in 20 years BUT only after going up to about 480 ppm in 15 years. We would then need another 15 years to get back to around 300 ppm. That will in 2050.

When we target the deserts for greening we also cool down the planet from less solar to heat conversion. When sunlight shines on a plant, the energy is stored in the plant through photosynthesis. However, when it strikes the desert surface it is converted to heat – reducing the area of deserts/hardscape also reduces Global Warming.

By planned diversion of Fossil Fuel to plastic, greening of the deserts and observing CO2 levels, we have a measurable means to guide us to our target.

The Other Changes

Reversing Climate Change to more predictable weather and seasons will protect humans, animals and their habitat from catastrophes such as droughts, wildfires, cyclones, floods and cold snaps. Apart from helping reverse climate change, as we fast approach the tipping point, the Power of 3, namely The Resilient Foundation (TRF), the International Water Grid(IWG) and the sustainable Oil & Coal (SO&C) working in concert, expect to see other positive spillovers in
    • Cleaning our Air
    • Reviving our oceans
    • Protecting & Restoring Nature, and
    • Building A Waste Free World
The ultimate goal is to bring a sustainable balance back to Mother Earth for the future. The project is expected to effect change to all the elements that make up the Planet namely Air, Water and Land and the life forms supported by these elements.


Creating a cleaner breathable atmosphere

    • with less industrial emissions resulting from O&C diverting energy products (fossil fuel combustion) to inert plastic pipes for IWG
    • from the absorption of CO2 by more plants and trees by photosynthesis since coal to plastic provides a conscionable option for the coal industry
    • by reducing and eventually eliminating open burning with funding from The Resilient Foundation (TRF) for sustainable alternatives to stimulate soil growth and eliminate the burning of jungles etc. that often accompanies shifting cultivation
    • through funding alternative sustainable energy production methods with funds from TRF


    • Preventing sea level rise through consistent removal of a small percentage of river water to the  desert, thereby  compensating for the melting ice, and reducing flooding
    • Commoditizing excess river flows through purchasing tariffs for river water into the ocean will give TRF control over the quality of river outflows and rainforest protection, thereby allowing TRF to
      • Demand rainforest protection
      • Incentivize people to stop polluting rivers by paying higher tariffs for cleaner river waters supplied to the IWG
    • Minimizing plastic outflows into the oceans through the commoditization of the excess river flows
      • Making a ‘zero waste into the ocean’ target more achievable
      • Ensuring cleaner oceans, thereby protecting sea and plant life
    • Creating a new multi-billion ton market for recyclable plastic through the demand for its use in both the land irrigation pipes and the under ocean pipe systems


    • Greening the deserts and reforestation of degraded areas
    • Funding from TRF for wildlife and forest protection and reforestation activities
    • Funding from TRF will allow many agencies to employ green options to traditional Slash and Burn
    • Preserving landmass through reducing rising sea levels
    • Creating value for green waste through IWG’s unlimited consumption needs of green waste for compost


The International Water Grid (IWG) is a forward-thinking project that offers an immediate solution to global warming, whilst providing a sustainable and profitable transition for the oil and coal industries.

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