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Our Story

On a flight between Doha and Kuala Lumpur in 2013, a discussion ensued between a professor (in the field of petroleum engineering) from the UK and Sri, who shared his idea about the concept of water pipelines linking the rivers flowing into the ocean with arid desert lands to re-forest them, sequester the CO2 in the atmosphere and cool the planet. The professor’s parting words, “It’s a great idea, do something about it!” pushed Sri from talking about an idea to responsible action. And that is how the International Water Grid was born.

It’s been called many things from crazy to impossible. The challenge was to turn everything on its head to make it possible. 

Today the International Water Grid stands as the most formidable project to address the Planet’s problems from Climate Change to Rainforest Protection to Plastic Pollution. It ticks all the boxes for the most impressive project that Mankind can undertake as a Global Community to give our future generations the kind of World that we enjoyed when we were growing up. The window for repair is closing faster than we think, and we have to act urgently and do it …


Our Vision

To bring the World together to jointly effect Climate Change and Repair our Planet through the building of large-scale water infrastructure to reforest the deserts

Our Mission

    1. To divert fossil fuel from energy products to inert plastics
    2. To engage Big Businesses through mutualism to support and finance The Resilient Foundation
    3. To create strategically located water hubs to drive reforestation

Our Team

Datuk Syed Tamim Ansari


Sri Rajah

Chief Executive Officer

Abdulla Al-Nahdi

Chief Operating Officer (GCC)

Peter Jones

Project Director

Tony Chan

Cities & Sustainability Advisor

Marcus Yong

Legal & Strategy Officer

Shastri Pillay

Chief Information Officer

Rohini Ratnam

Communications & Multimedia


The International Water Grid (IWG) is a forward-thinking project that offers an immediate solution to global warming, whilst providing a sustainable and profitable transition for the oil and coal industries.

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Email : contact@internationalwatergrid.com
Phone :
+603 8941 8118
Fax :
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