IWG is actively engaged with governments around the world, presenting a sustainable global solution towards climate change and repair of our Planet. The Global Solution when completed will see all major rivers of the world and the glacier melt-water connected by an undersea grid of large diameter pipes. This water will be utilised primarily for reforestation and agriculture purposes to re-green the arid areas of the planet and in the process re-capture the CO2 on a level never seen before. It is estimated that 5% of the 40 trillion m3 that currently flows into oceans (excluding melt-water) would allow an area of 2,000,000 km2 to be re-greened using drip irrigation techniques. The International Water Grid is advancing towards its first Water Hub Project, which will become a major game changer in arid land transformation in the world.

The Water Hubs

Water Hubs are the strategically located destination sites for the International Water Grid. Their under-ocean grid of pipes will transport the excess river water from the major rivers of the world to these Water Hubs, located primarily in the desert regions of the world. The supply of water to these lands, which are otherwise dry and arid, will enable the systematic greening of the desertified land and bring about a change in the soil structure, the temperature, the environment and the landscape. This will provide the backdrop to the development theme of these Water Hubs, from mixed property development, infrastructure, agriculture, contract farming, upstream and downstream businesses and services, to leisure and entertainment businesses and services. Income generated from the property development, land leases and other activities of the Water Hub will finance and support the construction and operations of the International Water Grid.

The GCC Water Hub Project

The GCC Water Hub is envisioned to become the first Water Hub in the Arabian Peninsula and in the World, and will entail the master planning of 6,000 square kilometres of land within a Special Economic Zone in Oman. Of this, 4,500 square kilometres will be designated for reforestation and agriculture, 900 square kilometres for infrastructure and water support systems and 600 square kilometres for mixed development of residential and commercial use. The GCC Water Hub is targeted to become the most carbon negative development in the world. With the International Water Grid as the focal point and anchor for the GCC Water Hub bringing the vision, the draw and the rationalization of the entire Water Hub project, it is envisaged that the GCC Water Hub will emerge as a world-class business, lifestyle and tourism destination, and a major agriculture, farming and forestry zone with world leading technologies and infrastructure.

Future Projects

As the International Water Grid advances towards being a global grid connecting the major rivers of the world to the desert regions of the world, we will see the development of Water Hubs in the Sahara, Namib, Gobi, Kalahari, Sechura and the Australian deserts, just to name a few.


The International Water Grid (IWG) is a forward-thinking project that offers an immediate solution to global warming, whilst providing a sustainable and profitable transition for the oil and coal industries.

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